1977 - 1992 I used to be active in VHF/UHF from 1977 up  to 1992  and my Station was  a  ICOM IC 202 and a TS 700 by Kenwood  for the 2m  Range . For  70cm i used a IC 402 from ICOM.  The homemade  PA´ S  for   the 2m (150 W) and 70 cm (200W) made sure, that  signal  was  strong  enough . The 16 ele. and a 21 ele. Tonna with an average height of 50 m below ground, performed very well , but often had trouble with the weather. Especially  on  stormy  days . the wind often ripped off parts of the Boom, so i had to repair it very often. But perfect connections were allways  guaranteed I really tried everything   possible at that moment. The short - wave missed -out . The equipment , a Yaesu Line and a Fritzel GPA 50 decided the events



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1992 - today From the year 1992 the place of my antenna was surrounded by tall pines. What to do - i asked myself. There was no place for a Beam. But i managed to squeeze a Quad by VDL right between the trees .There for 5 SW - streames where masked  For 40-80m , i hang up a twin dipole 16m high and for 30m a dipol 13m high right between the branches of the pine. In August 2011 a 6m Yagi come up on Top of a second Mast which build  my  Friend  DL7UML  for me.

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